Allows you to restore your device from different backup files, such as iCloud, iTunes, Kies, BlackBerry, OneDrive etc.

Step 1. Choose “MobileTrans” to restore the backup

First of all, connect your iOS to Android device. If you’ve ever used MobileTrans to backup your device to your computer, you can choose “MobileTrans” from “Restore from Backups” in the primary window of the software, you also can restore your phone data from iCloud/iTunes/Kies/Blackberry/OneDrive backup files.

Step 2. Restore MobileTrans backup to your iOS or Android device

Now, choose of your MobileTrans backup files. Then you can select the file type that you want to transfer.

When it’s all ready, you can “Start Transfer” to begin the process. During the entire process, keep your device connected.