Part 1. Register the Windows Phone as Developer Device.

Please follow the steps below in order to register your Windows phone as developer device and unlock Windows Phone:

Step 1.: Download Windows Phone SDK

Firstly, you will need to download the Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) as the Windows Phone Developer Registration tool is a separate tool that essentially is a part of the SDK. You can download it via this link

How to Unlock Windows Phone 8.1 for Development

Note: SDK is developer tools that can assist you to build apps for phones, PCs, tablets, Xbox and many more Windows operating systems. It contains libraries, tools and headers that used for app building purposes.

Step 2.: Connect your device to a computer by using a USB cable

Before you connect your phone, please ensure that your phone is turned on and the screen is unlocked. Next, ensure that the time and date of your phone are correct. Once you have that confirmed, make the connection accordingly.

Step 3.: Launch the Windows Phone Developer Registration

Simply go to your computer’s “Start” screen and switch to “All apps” view or just type in “Windows Phone Developer Registration” by using the smart search function. Then, click on the app. in order to launch it.

How to Unlock Windows Phone 8.1 for Development

Step 4.: Click “Register” and sign in with your Microsoft Account

Once the application is opened, click on the “Register” button and it will prompt you to the next window that will require you to input your Microsoft’s Account details (previously known as Windows Live ID). Once you have typed the information required accordingly, click on “Sign In”.

How to Unlock Windows Phone 8.1 for Development

Thereafter, the registration of your device will be processed accordingly. Once your phone is successfully registered, you will see the following status and you are now able to deploy and run apps with your device.

How to Unlock Windows Phone 8.1 for Development

Please note that if you receive any error messages in the process of registering the device that states that “the device name is already in use by this account”, you are able to fix it by renaming the device with another unique name.

Part 2. Use Third Party Unlock/ Jailbreak Tools to Unlock the Phone.

Jailbreaking or unlocking your phone would mean to remove the restrictions set from the developer by tweaking its original factory settings and as a result the device would allow certain functions to be enabled. Though jailbreaking is a commonly known term for Android devices, for Windows phone this act is defined as “developer unlocking a device unofficially”.

The main advantage of unlocking your Windows phone is it will allow third party apps to be sideloaded on your device. What this means is that, you will be able to download non-Windows store apps and getting third-party apps installation. What this means is that you can have third party customizations performed to your widgets, themes, folders and many more. In addition to that,

There are few methods that can be followed in order to unlock your devices. At the moment, the most popular way to unlock a Windows Phone 8.1 with a third party tool is by using the “Chinese Jailbreak Tool”. There are various download sources and links that can provide users with the aforementioned software and there is no official website that host the software download. Nonetheless, you can easily download it from this link ( Alternatively, you can simply search for other links and URLs that provide the “Chinese Jailbreak Tool” by searching for it under web search engines.

Although the software is run in Chinese language, worry not, it is quite easy to navigate the program and the user interfaces are quite straightforward and easy to follow. Please note that you should also have downloaded the Windows Phone SDK tool to your Windows phone before commencing the process of unlocking your Windows devices as detailed below:

Step 1.: Run the Software

Once you have downloaded the software, click or run the software in order to launch it as shown in the image below:

How to Unlock Windows Phone 8.1 for Development

Next, click on the close button to quit installation process (as shown below) and run the program again from the desktop shortcut.

How to Unlock Windows Phone 8.1 for Development

Step 2.: Connect your phone to your computer

Note that before connecting your device to the computer you will see the following window where it shows an arrow pointing to the phone. Thereafter, connect your device to a computer accordingly.

How to Unlock Windows Phone 8.1 for Development

Step 3.: Click on blue unlock button

Next, the program will start to detect your device. Once successful syncing is made, you will see the window below. On the same window, click on the blue button located on the bottom right to start the unlocking process.

How to Unlock Windows Phone 8.1 for Development

The process will usually take around 5 – 10 minutes; different process times for different devices. Once the process is completed, the next window should inform that your device has been successfully unlocked.

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