How to Transfer Verizon Contacts to iPhone

When you purchase an iPhone, you probably would be in a trouble of transferring contacts from your old Verizon phone to iPhone. But do you know how to make the Verizon contacts transferred to iPhone? This article introduces two ways to you to get all your contacts transferred.

Firstly, some people will turn to iTunes for help, but the procedures would be rather complicated when your old Verizon phone is not iPhone. See the whole process below.
1. Sign in your Verizon account and enter the Backup Assistant.
2. Select all of your contacts.
3. Go to the drop-down menu at the bottom of the screen, choose “Save as Type.”
4. Choose the type “CSV” and save your contacts as a CSV file.
5. Open iTunes on computer, go to the library. You need to choose the CSV file to import. And then sync your iPhone with iTunes to transfer contacts.

Another way would be much easier and more convenient than the way above. Just follow the instructions below for transferring Verizon contacts to iPhone via Phone Transfer.

Tutorial:How to Transfer Verizon Contacts to iPhone

Step 1.

Launch Phone Transfer

Click download icon above and install it. Launch Phone Transfer after finishing the installation. And then click “Phone to Phone Transfer” at the home menu.
How to Transfer Verizon Contacts to iPhone

Step 2.

Connect Your Verizon Phone and iPhone

Use USB cables to connect Verizon phone and iPhone to computer. This program will detect them right away. If you want to erase the contacts on iPhone before transferring, you can delete them by ticking “Clear data before copy”.
How to Transfer Verizon Contacts to iPhone

Step 3.

Copy Verizon Contacts to iPhone

Then, start transferring contacts by clicking “Start Copy”. Make sure neither phone is disconnected during transfer process.
How to Transfer Verizon Contacts to iPhone

The advantage of this mothed is that whatever your Verizon phone is, you can use this program. This program is compatible with diverse operating systems such as iOS, BlackBerry and Android. It’s also friendly designed for transferring varied kinds of data such as contacts, music, videos, photos and so on. You can have a try and get a full understanding of this program.



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