How to Transfer Text Messages to New Phone

The number of mobile phone users has increased rapidly over the past five years. Phones have become more powerful and more advanced than before. Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry are the four of most popular mobile operating systems. Many kinds of mobile brands would upgrade their phone versions every year like Apple, Samsung and so on. Phone is also the most important tool for communication. Changing phone becomes more and more frequent. Many contents like text messages, contacts, music and videos could be stored on your phone. Transferring data between phone and phone also becomes a question. In this post, we are mainly talking about how to transfer text messages to new phone.

For some personal or business reason, most people would save their text messages on phone. Even when they switch to new phone, they still want to transfer some private information to new phone.
Here is a perfect way to transfer text messages to new phone via Mobile Transfer, no matter what mobile brand you are using. Here we will take how to text messages from Samsung to iPhone as an example.

Tutorial: How to Transfer Text Messages to New Phone

Step 1.

Download Mobile Transfer and Launch It

Click “Download” and run Mobile Transfer. And then we will come to the first interface. (See Below)
How to Transfer Text Messages to New Phone

Step 2.

Click “Phone to Phone Transfer”

In this step, you need to click “Phone to Phone Transfer”, and then connect phone to computer via USB cables together. Make sure not to disconnect either phone during the whole process.
How to Transfer Text Messages to New Phone

Step 3.

Select “Text messages” to Copy

After connection is finished, in the middle of this window, you will see the option “Text messages”, choose it and click “Start Copy”. Wait for minutes, you can check your message app, all your saved messages would be on new phone.
How to Transfer Text Messages to New Phone

Mobile Transfer is capable of transferring various data from phone to phone, such as text messages, photos, contacts and videos. All these data can be copied with just a few clicks safely. This program offers clear operation instructions and user-friendly design. It is also able to backup phone, restore phone and erase data on phone. Don’t hesitate to enjoy it.



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