How to Transfer SMS from Android to iPhone

Nowadays, many people switch to use iPhone from Android phone. Because the system of iPhone and Android are totally different, many iPhone users have been in trouble of transferring data from Android to iPhone, especially when they need SMS transferred over from old Android to iPhone. You need to convert your Android messages to another format supported by iPhone via third-party programs. But the procedures are very complicated and slow. Why not try another quick method to cope with this problem?

Here is a program called Phone Transfer, which can help you transfer SMS from Android to iPhone directly and safely with just a few clicks.

Follow the steps to transfer SMS from Android to iPhone quickly and safely.

Step 1.

Click “Free Download” and Install Phone Transfer

To start with, download Phone Transfer and set it up on your computer. After installation, you can run it and the home window will appear as below.
How to Transfer SMS from Android to iPhone

Step 2.

Connect Android and iPhone to Computer

In this step, you need to select a mode. Here we use two phones to transfer contents, so you need to select the mode “Phone to Phone Transfer”. And then connect Android and iPhone by using two USB cables.
How to Transfer SMS from Android to iPhone

Step 3.

Select SMS to Copy

After connection is done, the bottom of both phone’s icon will show “Connected”. In this screen you can see many kinds of contents are supported to transfer. Here we just need to select “Text messages” and then “Start Copy”.
How to Transfer SMS from Android to iPhone
The transfer progress will start immediately. When it finishes, you can click “OK” to complete it.
Check your messages in your iPhone’s inbox to find all your perfectly restored messages.

Moreover, for security and privacy reasons, you may want to delete those SMS in your old Android device. In this case, this program can also help you erase the data on your old phone. You can go back to home menu, which has a mode “Erase Your Old Phone”. All you need to do is follow the directions to erase data in your old phone. You will find the program is amazing.



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