Part 1. How to transfer music from WinPhone to iPhone


  • MobileTrans phone transfer is compatible with windows mobile and allows you to transfer music from windows phone to iPhone directly in one click only.
  • MobileTrans is very easy to use and you can easily transfer data between two devices directly because it supports phone to phone transfer.
  • It supports large number of devices like windows, Android, iOS, Blackberry and Symbian devices.
  • MobileTrans phone transfer tool also supports data transfer between computer and mobile directly and allows you to backup iPhone or other mobile data to computer or mac and restore that data later again to your devices.
  • Fully compatible with iOS 10.3 and Android 7.0.

How to move songs from windows phone to apple iphone utilizing phone transfer software:

Action 1.
How to Transfer Music from Windows Phone to iPhone

Onedrive is a cloud solution from Microsoft for windows mobile customers.

Exactly how to transfer information from winphone to iPhone making use of one drive:

Windows phone is always comes with onedrive set up.


How to transfer songs from windows phone to iPhone utilizing phone transfer software program:

Part 2. Transfer data from WinPhone to iPhone Manually

Step 1.
How to Transfer Music from Windows Phone to iPhone

Step 1. On your Windows Phone:

Note: Make use of “Flip” switch to transform exchange the devices placement.

How to Transfer Music from Windows Phone to iPhone

Step 2. On your iPhone:

Onedrive is a cloud service from Microsoft for home windows mobile users.
How to move data from winphone to apple iphone using one drive:

Step 3. On Windows Phone:

Windows phone is constantly comes with onedrive installed.
How to Transfer Music from Windows Phone to iPhone

You have to make certain that all of your files are kept in the OneDrive Service.

How to Transfer Music from Windows Phone to iPhone

Step 5. Once you have installed OneDrive on your iPhone, just enter the login credentials which you have used in your windows phone. Make sure you are using same account details. After entering details, tap on the Go button and then click on Sign in option. Finally tap on Ok button .

Once you have logged in to the OneDrive account on iPhone, your all files will sync in the iPhone. Your all music files will be there in your iPhone in some time. These files will take some time to download depending on the size of files and your speed of your internet connection.

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