Detailed Steps to transfer Nokia Files to Galaxy S8

We are going to tell you how to transfer files/data from Nokia to Galaxy S8 using MobileTrans below.

Step 1.Download MobilTrans to Transfer to Galaxy S8

Download and install windows or mac version of the program and then launch it. After launching, just click on the “Phone to Phone Transfer” feature from the solution window.

How to Transfer Files from Nokia to Galaxy S8

Step 2.Start Transfer from Nokia to Galaxy S8

Connect both your Nokia mobile and new Samsung Galaxy S8 devices with computer by using their USB cables. After connecting them just check the files from the middle window and then click on “Start Transfer”.

How to Transfer Files from Nokia to Galaxy S8

Note: please keep in mind there is Flip button available in the top of middle window. You can use this button to exchange devices positions. Source Nokia phone will be at left and destination Samsung Galaxy S8 will be at the right side.


Step 3.Transferring files to Samsung S8

Ddata transfer from Nokia to S8 will start. You can select all files and copy all files from Nokia to Samsung Galaxy S8.

How to Transfer Files from Nokia to Galaxy S8

Thanks for going through carefully the guide above. This guide will be helpful for you for all devices like windows phone to Samsung S8, HTC to Samsung S8 and iPhone to Samsung S8 etc. You can easily use this software to transfer data from any device to another directly without worrying about the compatibility because it is fully compatible with mostly all types of mobile devices operating systems.

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