How to Transfer Contacts from Nokia to iPhone

Having used Nokia phone for a long time and now you get sick and tired of it? It is time to use a new iPhone. No one can deny the fact that iPhone is a hit now. Walking on the streets, taking buses, or shopping in the hypermarkets, you can see many people using iPhone to call, to listen to music or to twitter. See, use iPhone is an irresistible general trend. Considering all the factors, you go to Apple Retail Store to buy a brand new iPhone 5 in no time. But a tricky problem occurs: what should I do with my data in the old Nokia? Especially those contacts, should I type the contacts one by one? If you do so, it is definitely a waste time. Here I highly recommend Mobile Transfer for you.
It is an useful program which is capable of directly transfer contacts between Nokia phone and iPhone with one click. Additionally, you can selectively transfer data between different phones without any data loss.

Tutorial: How to Transfer Contacts from Nokia to iPhone

Step 1.

Install and launch this Mobile Transfer

Firstly, install and run this phone transfer on your computer. The interface will be shown on your computer screen. Click Phone to Phone Transfer mode.
How to Transfer Contacts from Nokia to iPhone

Note: Mobile Transfer use iTunes interface. Thus, to transfer contacts from Nokia to iPhone, you must install iTunes on your computer. However, if you move contacts between Nokia and Android, you don’t need to install iTunes.

Step 2.

Connect your Nokia and iPhone to computer

Next, connect your Nokia phone and iPhone to your PC through USB cables at the same time. After detected by this phone transfer tool, your Nokia phone will be displayed in the left, while your iPhone in the right. Likewise, you can simply click “Flip” to change the place when your Nokia phone is located in the right.
If your iPhone is full of many unimportant contacts, you can erase your iPhone contacts by ticking off “Clear data before copy”.
How to Transfer Contacts from Nokia to iPhone

Step 3.

Transfer contacts from Nokia to iPhone

As you see, contacts, photos and music are all marked. To copy contacts, you should uncheck photos and music. Then click “Start Copy”. This phone transfer begins to transfer contacts. During contacts transferring, you ought not to disconnect either of your phones.

How to Transfer Contacts from Nokia to iPhone
Bravo! Now your Nokia contacts are on your iPhone. Are you excited? Please do not forget that
MobileTransfer can also copy call logs, text messages, photos, music, videos and so on between your Nokia phone and iPhone. Just go into action! Transfer your data from Nokia to iPhone ASAP so that you can take advantage of your new iPhone.



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