Part 1: Transfer Data from BlackBerry to Android with Mobiletrans

When it concerns transferring information over, it’s time to allow you know a little secret device that could assist you move calls from BlackBerry to Android with simply one click! This tool is MobileTrans, which is essentially an item of software program that collaborates with BlackBerry Desktop Software program V7.0 and also V7.1 to quickly move data from BlackBerry to Android. With just one click, you can obtain call logs, SMS, calls as well as other information and have it posted to an Android in a snap. Here’s exactly how.

MobileTrans Phone Transfer

Transfer information from BlackBerry to Android in 1 click!

  • Easily transfer photos, videos, calendar, messages and music contacts from BlackBerry to Android.
  • Takes less than 10 minutes to finish.
  • Enable to transfer from HTC, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola and more to iPhone 7/SE/6s (Plus)/6 Plus/5s/5c/5/4S/4/3GS that run iOS 10/9/8/7/6/5.
  • Works perfectly with Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Google, HUAWEI, Motorola, ZTE, Nokia and more smartphones and tablets.
  • Fully compatible with major providers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile.
  • Fully compatible with Windows 10 or Mac 10.12
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How to Transfer data from Blackberry to Android within One Click

Step 1: Backup with Blackberry Desktop Software

To begin with, if you haven’t already done so, you have to set up BlackBerry Desktop Software into your computer system and also link your BlackBerry phone to the software program. All you should do then is click ‘Back Up Now’, which produces a non-encrypted backup variation of your information that is kept onto your computer system.

Note: BlackBerry 10 smartphones are sustained now.

How to Transfer Contacts and SMS from BlackBerry to Android

Step 2: Install MobileTrans

With your backup downloaded and install, it’s now time to move it to your Android. This is where you have to mount the MobileTrans Wondershare software into your computer. As soon as set up, just run the application and also attach your Android phone as much as the computer system as well as click “Restore from back-ups”.

How to Transfer Contacts and SMS from BlackBerry to Android

Step 3: Rransfer from BlackBerry to Android

This after that opens a new window showing the BlackBerry gadget, back-up information stored on your computer system as well as the Android device. Just choose the data you intend to export from BlackBerry to Android and press the ‘Start Transfer’ button.

How to Transfer Contacts and SMS from BlackBerry to Android

You can after that see the transfer condition of the export from BlackBerry to Android, and also when total everything you need will certainly now get on your Android phone for you. Basic!

How to Transfer Contacts and SMS from BlackBerry to Android

Part 2. Transfer Contacts from BlackBerry to Android via Bluetooth

Certainly, if you do not have access to a computer to utilize MobileTrans Wondershare, you might be considering manually moving get in touches with over, yet wait, there is another way. Making use of Bluetooth on your phones, it is possible to bulk transfer contacts from BlackBerry to Android. This really ought to be a last resort over MobileTrans as it’s even more taxing, wordy as well as fiddly, however will still be quicker compared to manually inputting calls. Right here’s just how to get the task done if this is the only way for you.

Step 1: Activate Bluetooth on the Android Phone

Right, to start with you need turn on Bluetooth on your Android phone and also make the tool visible. Head to Settings > > Wireless & & Networks > Bluetooth Settings as well as tick the ‘Noticeable’ box so your BlackBerry will detect it.

How to Transfer Contacts and SMS from BlackBerry to Android

Step 2: Pair the devices

Next, it’s time to match the tools to trade information, which need to be done from the BlackBerry. Initially, ensure Bluetooth gets on by clicking into Choices > > Network and Connections > > Bluetooth Link. From here click on Paired Devices >> Add a New Gadget >> Browse, which will certainly grab the Android device. You need to pick the gadget and ‘Submit’ to allow data sharing.

How to Transfer Contacts and SMS from BlackBerry to Android

Step 3: Start to transfer from Blackberry to Android

Now you could move get in touches with from BlackBerry to Android by selecting the Android phone from the Paired Instruments, after that press the BlackBerry switch as well as pick ‘Transfer Calls’.

Do not forget to complete the transfer you need to authorize Bluetooth gain access to on your Android.

Part 3: Apps for Android and BlackBerry

With your essential data and also calls transferred over, it’s time to think of apps, which are a big offer for smart device individuals today, They help us communicate as well as keep track of our lives each day, and also having to shed preferred apps or get to know brand-new ones could be a major problem if you’re altering phone brands. The excellent brand-new is that some of BlackBerry’s leading apps are now available in Android versions, which must make the button less distressing.

BlackBerry Messenger

One of the very best applications BlackBerry has on offer is BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), which for anybody who has used BlackBerry is an actual plus and also a big loss when you change brands. Luckily, there is now an Android BBM variation, so you could proceed attaching with individuals in the very same way on your Android with instantaneous messages, voice calls, voice notes as well as more.

How to Transfer Contacts and SMS from BlackBerry to Android

Downloading the BBM app to your Android is basic and also great as well. Merely visit an app store for Android phones like Google Play, search for BBM as well as install. You’ll be back to talking on BBM in no time at all.

Alternative BBM apps on Android

That being claimed, Android does use a much larger selection of instant message apps compared to BlackBerry. If you’re feeling take on as well as fancy trying something brand-new, applications like Whatsapp Carrier, as well as Facebook Messenger, LINE, WeChat, and Skype are all fantastic applications for corresponding.

How to Transfer Contacts and SMS from BlackBerry to Android

Android Apps for BlackBerry z10/Q10

A lot more excellent news, it functions the various other method round too, with a variety of Android applications currently being provided to use with BlackBerry Z10/Q10 tools. You’ll need to venture beyond the BlackBerry app centre and also head to a 3rd event provider like Appstore, Break APK Downloader and also 1mobile Market to mount them.

This isn’t a difficult task though, just set up the app store into your Z10/Q10, after that you could surf an extensive option of Android applications and also swiftly mount them on your phone, just like you would certainly from the BlackBerry shop.

Android apps for BlackBerry Playbooks

Similarly if you have a BlackBerry Playbook, there are also a selection of Android Player apps that could now be used on these gadgets also.

Part 4: Android Vs. BlackBerry

If you’re still uncertain if making the switch from BlackBerry to Android is or has been the ideal option, after that here’s a couple of comparisons that may assist convince you in any case.


When it concerns contrasting hardware, the BlackBerry can be limiting. With all hardware generated by RIM, all phones look and also function virtually the very same with a QWERTY keypad that does make for less complicated keying if interaction is an essential property. However, Android phones are created by lots of various suppliers that provide customers better selection to discover features they in fact want and also will certainly utilize.


Basically all BlackBerry devices are reliant on the keyboard, in spite of some touchscreen capability, which does give BlackBerry additional factors for very easy interaction. Nevertheless, the complete touchscreen Android phones do produce simple app and information administration in one handset, making use of a single USB cable.


Upgrades and access to them is an important factor. And also the bright side is with BlackBerry they will certainly always maintain you up to speed up on the most up to date variations, making upgrades much easier and quicker. Androids on the various other hand could take longer, as the continuous launch of newer phones and different makers can put a delay on new Android versions being accepted for use on specific models.


For networking, the BlackBerry is a champion. It makes use of BBM and BlackBerry email that makes interaction simple as well as fast. Android also use a number of comparable applications with the same capacities and some new ones that could make interaction across several social media as well as IM apps uncomplicated and smooth.


Following on from networking you have to consider apps available on both gadgets. BlackBerry has it’s own app centre, which offers a great deal of apps for BlackBerry and also there are now Android versions that work from third party shops, however Android has the upper hand. They not just have even more applications available, however also a large selection of app shops to acquire them from.

Battery Life

A vital consideration for any major phone individual has to be battery life. Androids are infamous for not holding battery fee for long, which could suggest even more frequent charging. On the various other hand, BlackBerry are popular for producing phones with lengthy battery life, so if long lasting battery power is top priority, you may simply be much better sticking with a BlackBerry.

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