Part 1. Top 10 Tips and Tricks

Tip #1. Samsung Galaxy S8 customization tips

Samsung Galaxy S8 is very easy to customize and you can easily customize it from the home screen. You have to just tap on the home screen and then customization menu will open where you can easily customize your home screen. From this customization menu you can easily change themes, set home screen widgets and pick wallpapers from the gallery of your Samsung galaxy S8.

Galaxy S8 - Top 10 Helpful Tips and Tricks

Tip #2. How to use Do Not Disturb

If you want to make your S8 silent in some time when it will not disturb you. Go to Settings > Do not disturb and you can set a schedule when your S8 will remain quiet during specific moment. Click Allow exceptions on the bottom and you will find more options. Do not disturb mode can be in the quick settings.

Galaxy S8 - Top 10 Helpful Tips and Tricks Galaxy S8 - Top 10 Helpful Tips and Tricks

Tip #3. Set Display always turned on in Galaxy S8

Just like Galaxy s7 there is feature available in the Galaxy S8 as well. You can set your screen display always turn on in the galaxy S8. Just tap on the setting and then go in the Display. In the Display you will see option of turn display always on. You will be able to choose what type of content will be shown on the screen like email, missed calls or battery level.

Galaxy S8 - Top 10 Helpful Tips and Tricks

Tip #4. Battery of Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung galaxy S8 is coming with 6200 mAh battery which gives you backup of power for 24 hours when you are using your phone regularly. You will be able to watch videos whole days once your phone is fully charged with this battery. This battery is non-removable by the user directly which makes the phone battery life longer. This phone will also supports wireless phone charger and you will be able to charge your phone up to 80% within 30 minutes only.

Galaxy S8 - Top 10 Helpful Tips and Tricks

Tip #5. Camera of Samsung Galaxy S8

Camera quality of upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 is superior. This phone is coming with 30 MP Main Camera and 12 MP front Camera. This phone has dual led support for its cameras which gives you crystal clear quality picture. This camera also gives you feature of smile detection, face recognition and some other additional features.

Galaxy S8 - Top 10 Helpful Tips and Tricks

Tip #6. Transfer data to Samsung S8

If you are looking to transfer data from your old android to new Galaxy S8 it’s not possible directly using the S8 because there is no any direct transfer feature available. But still if you need help in transferring data from old android to new galaxy S8 there is software available for you, that is MobileTrans. This software will transfer your data to Samsung galaxy S8 using computer in one click.

Galaxy S8 - Top 10 Helpful Tips and Tricks

Tip #7. Storage Capacity of Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 will be there in two models 64 and 128 GB models. There is only difference is the internet memory. If this memory is not enough for you you can also extend the memory of Samsung Galaxy S8 by inserting a memory card in the memory card slot. You can extend memory of this mobile up to 256 GB of storage. It gives you mass storage as per your need. The great part of the internal storage is that it gives you up to 500 MBPS write speed while transferring data.

Tip #8. Multiple Photos for lock Screen of Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8 gives your feature of selecting multiple photos for your lock screen. You can easily select up to 30 photos for the lock screen. Just go in the Setting of your S8 and then choose wallpaper to select photos for lock screen. There you will option of lock screen in the drop down menu tap on it and select From gallery. You can choose the different photos from your lock screen.

Galaxy S8 - Top 10 Helpful Tips and Tricks

Tip #9. Set Default Application in Samsung Galaxy S8

If you have more than one app which can do the same task as other apps then you can select the default apps very easily in the Samsung Galaxy S8. Once you have did that then you will never see that messages asking you “How you want to open a file”. To set default apps on Samsung Galaxy S8 just tap on Setting > Apps and then tap on Default Applications. Here you can easily change the default apps.

Tip #10. Turn off permissions on Galaxy S8

Apps asks you for permission while installing but sometimes you don’t want to share some important things like your contacts or messages or any other things with any app. In that condition there is option available to stop giving permission to the apps to access your personal information. Top stop permission of app you can go in Setting > privacy and safety and then tap on App Permission here. From here you can easily turn off app permissions which you want.

Galaxy S8 - Top 10 Helpful Tips and Tricks

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